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Find My Insurer
Welcome to Find My Insurer.com!

"Find My Insurer" is a free life insurance company locator service to assist consumers. It is run by the non-profit, policyholder-advocacy group, Center for Insurance Research. This service is designed to assist consumers in finding life insurance companies with whom they – or more likely a family member – had a life insurance policy, but which company can no longer be found without specialized assistance, perhaps because it changed names, was acquired by another insurer or went out of business (with policies being taken over by another insurer or guarantee fund).  This service is currently being provided to individual consumers without charge, however, if user volume or expenses require it, we may start charging a small fee in the future.

Research Inquiry

Please provide the following information so we can conduct our research.  The name of the insurance company is critical for conducting the research, and the more accurate the name you provide, the greater the likelihood the insurer currently holding the policy will be identified.  If the full name of the insurer is not available (for example, if part of the document is damaged or missing, or you cannot remember it fully) please include as much of the full name as you are able.  (Definitions of the various types of insurance policies can be found on the “Key Facts” page).  Asterisks indicate required fields, but all fields are important to assisting the research:

The Requester’s Contact Information
*First Name
Middle Name
*Last Name
*Zip/Postal Code
*Email Address
Phone(1st preference)
Phone(2nd preference)
Information about the Policyholder
(Check here if same as above)
*Policyholder's First Name
Policyholder's Middle Name
*Policyholder's Last Name
Most Recent Address
Address when Policy was Issued (if known or written on policy)
Information about the Insurance Policy
Insurance Company Name
Insurerís Address on Policy
Type of Policy
Other (specify)
Policy Number
Policy Issue Date
*Insured Person
Insured Date of Birth
Relation to Requester
Do you have a copy of the policy?
Any Comments or other relevant information


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