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Terms of Use

Findmyinsurer.org is a project of the Center for Insurance Research, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  This locator service is intended to assist individual consumers and their families and not business entities.  Findmyinsurer.org reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or business entity that files multiple research requests, is using the information to generate a fee or separate service, or whom we believe is seeking to use our service inappropriately.

Business entities (insurance agencies or other organizations) who wish to make frequent use of the locator service should contact us at service@findmyinsurer.org to inquire about the additional services and fees.

There is no guarantee that we will be able to locate the information you seek.  Moreover, we reserve the right not to conduct any research, including if it is unwieldy or for those seeking information on multiple persons or insurers.

We may also give prior notice to persons seeking more in-depth assistance that there is a fee for further services, in which case pre-payment would be required.

Privacy Statement

We will respect and protect your privacy.  Information we collect will be used to monitor the usage of our service and perform our research.  We will not share, rent, or sell information you provide us with to any third parties.




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