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Findmyinsurer.org is a website operated by the Center for Insurance Research for the benefit of life insurance policyholders.  As our resources are very limited, we encourage visitors to contact us via email or regular mail if that method is preferred.  Please submit questions to the email address that best fits the topic of your query:

info@findmyinsurer.org – Use this address for any inquiries regarding specific research requests you have submitted or wish to submit.

feedback@findmyinsurer.org – Provide us with feedback about the results of our research or your efforts to collect policy proceeds from an insurer.  We encourage all visitors to update us on the final disposition of any claims submitted.

service@findmyinsurer.org – Contact us about additional services you may wish us to provide (extended research, reviewing documents or assistance in submitting a claim) for a reasonable fee.

Mailing Address:

Center for Insurance Research
Attn: FindMyInsurer.org
22298 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140


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